Case Study – Space Bowl

The Space Bowl is a quintessential water attraction for thrill-seekers of all ages.

A combination slide where the rider exits from an Aquatube starts in a fast body slide before they launch into the Space Bowl and are pressed to the wall by powerful centrifugal forces as they orbit toward the centre. It’s part thrill ride, part game. How many times will riders go around before plunging into the pool below or flume Aquacatch landing.

The complete Space Bowl can be totally enclosed with a cover therefore allowing the Space Bowl to be installed either inside or outside, this always means that the Space Bowl can be equipped with the latest lighting and sound displays.

Case Study – Alton Towers

This prestigious project is a great example of how the construction process of a complex leisure park structure is undertaken – in this case a twin waterslide system and additional water features.

The slide structure, which had been designed and fabricated to the client’s instructions, was delivered to site in pieces held in specially designed wooden frames for practicality.

The slide was constructed quickly and efficiently from the constituent parts. However, it was not simply the slide structure that was provided by Asherwood, special fibreglass water cannons were also fitted to the poolside for a more enjoyable bathing experience in the ‘Bubbly Wubbly Pool’. With the help of Asherwood the client succeeded in their aim to create a fun pool area for all the family.

Case Study – Pirate Ship

Asherwood Pool Products added a Pirate Ship to their range of children’s pool features. The design features a more authentic galleon shape and is themed throughout with an aged timber effect.

Following prepared drawings and sketches, timber patterns were created by our skilled pattern makers for the front, centre and rear sections of the ship. The front of the ship was particularly challenging due to the profile and was formed by soaking and steaming the timber so it could be bent into shape.

After the body and hull were formed, the timber was carefully burnt using a blow torch to exaggerate the wood grain. Once each pattern was complete a mould was taken off which unavoidably destroys the temporary timber pattern in the process.

A releasing agent was then applied to each of the new factory moulds to assist removal at a later stage and before the glass reinforced polyester was applied using a combination of spraying and hand laying techniques.

Once cured the three separate sections of the ship were released from the moulds and the edges trimmed. The sections were then moved into one of our finishing workshops and assembled together where they could be worked on by hand to completion, adding in features such as the deck, slides, steps, cannons and masts, etc.

The completed ship was then finished off with specialist theming and decoration. In this particular case the ship was then split into six sections and broken down with each section suitably reinforced and flanged to enable it to be bolted together again when delivered to site. This method makes transportation and access into buildings easier. All mechanical fixings used are A4 grade stainless steel and suitable for a swimming pool and wet leisure environment.

The new ship has a variety of water sprays and features and is currently available in two models. Options also exist to add sound and light effects (Subject to installation).